What if a Donor had the opportunity to place a charitable gift into a trust which would support his/her charity, foundation or ministry of choice, providing an immediate charitable tax deduction, and, be able to continue to influence a portion of those funds, (self-directed funds) so that the trust also invests in certain uncorrelated (to market volatility) structured investments, which would provide an absolute return of all funds donated to the trust - payment would be in the form of term-certain or life-long income. The entire trust donation thereby was able to generate predictable income back to the donor (passing tax-deferred through the trust), providing the donor a potentially attractive IRR & ROI over a 20-year term.

50% of the donation in the trust are invested in risk-adjusted alternatives -assets which have returns with a low correlation to those of standard asset classes, and are more predictable and absolute.  These  structured (compensating) investment-grade assets would potentially provide attractive IRR/ROI, and sustain absolute protection of the corpus of the trust.  Additionally, tax-free accumulations of capital in the trust (which could reasonably grow to several times the original donation), would be disbursed to their named charitable beneficiary(s) of choice upon the termination of the trust or upon the donors death.  One additional feature would be that the donor has the ability, to turn the income coming back to donor on or off as needed, for flexibility in estate and retirement planning.
Introducing a new charitable investment platform - Alpha-Assets-Linked NIMCRUT (Net Income with Makeup Charitable Remainder Unitrust) which produces a potentially attractive return (IRR/ROI) on charitable trust donations, (“return on donation”) of which, in a worse-case scenario, the income beneficiary payout, the remainder beneficiary payout and the protection of the corpus of the trust is certain.  ACRUT™ is the new charitable investment platform, providing a “Return on Donation.”  

Our term of “Return on Donation” is really a double entendre, which seeks to maximize both financial return and charitable good - one can receive the satisfaction “return” of knowing their donation did good for a Charitable cause in which they believe, and at the same time receive personal income and tax benefits “return” from that donation.  Celebrities and high-net-worth business people grab headlines for giving money away, and a lot of people we never hear about are doing the same thing. Why do they do this?  There is a big incentive for people with wealth to give it away.  They save considerably in taxes - both income tax and estate taxes - while increasing their personal income and fulfilling their philanthropic or charitable desires to give back to their favorite charity or ministry, or beneficial heirs. One of the estate planning vehicles that makes this possible is the charitable remainder trust (CRT) or in the case of the ACRUT™, a NIMCRUT structure.

What makes the ACRUT™ so powerful is that philanthropists can finally couple their charitable donations with personal economic benefit, and have the outcomes to the income beneficiary and remainder charity secured.  They really can ~ Do Well By Doing Good.

Note: See structured alternatives which are uncorrelated assets, and used as the compensating investment securitizing the corpus of the trust here: www.alphaassetscapital.com/GOLD.html 
 n the old philanthropy charitable giving model, the donor makes a cash or asset donation to a charity or ministry and the organization in return provides donor a tax deduction, and the donor has the satisfaction of furthering the good mission of the organization.